Our goal: better veterinary medicine for veterinarians

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A modern veterinary practice that breaks new ground



Veterinarians and nurses

Why should you join filu?


Continuous learning and innovation-driven environment.

Leverage cutting-edge technologies and benefit from our commitment to continuous professional and personal growth.


Balanced shift schedule with engaging cases.

filu offers a wide range of medical services with plans for ongoing expansion, all within regular working hours, avoiding the uncertainties of a 24/7 clinic.


A home away from home

Join a team where every member and their daily contributions are valued. Our unforgettable team events create lasting memories!


Contribution & Co-creation.

We encourage you to raise your voice, introduce fresh ideas, and collaboratively shape the future of filu. Your work here is not just a job, but a vital contribution to veterinary medicine.

Practices opened
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A work environment tailored to you

Your benefits
28 + 2 vacation days
Attractive salary
Mental health support
Cool office with snacks and drinks
Team events & weeks
Gym membership / 50€ credit card / Deutschland-Tickets
Bike-Leasing ("Jobrad")
Discounts on well-known brands
Pension scheme
Training budget


“filu convinced me right from the start because I love the mission we're working for. For me, filu is more than just “work” - for me it is family and I am happy to come to such a beautiful practice every day. The exchange with the founders, but also with colleagues, is incredibly valuable. Appreciation is paramount here! ”


“filu's vision of making veterinary medicine attractive, modern and innovative again immediately impressed me. I think the concept behind it is great. When talking to the founders, you can tell that they are open to new ideas and really want to make a difference for veterinarians. ”


“With filu, I associate appreciation, continuing education and a great supportive work environment. filu's working model allows me to keep enjoying my dream job while having time for my personal interests. I am certain that the concept will revolutionize the conditions of veterinary medicine and am looking forward to being part of this change right from the start. ”


“I particularly liked the team dynamics between Justus & Christian with a business background and Lena with a doctorate in veterinary medicine and an MBA. I am convinced that the three have what it takes to establish a great company culture from which animals and employees benefit equally. In addition, filu can use the latest software and diagnostic systems, as there are no legacy issues. These are just two of many reasons why I believe that filu can become the leading brand for veterinary practices in Germany. ”

Application process at filu

Our values

No Tricks, just Treats!

At filu, we are passionate about providing veterinarians and pet owners with an unforgettable experience. Our commitment to the “perfect treat” drives us to make the world a better place, one treat at a time. We do everything we can to create pleasant and useful products and services that guarantee the best experience when visiting a vet.

Overcome the ott(er)s!

We don't know “It's always been done this way.” We question the status quo, learn from every experience and strive for long-term success. We welcome improvement and growth and are excited to challenge ourselves.

Walk the dog, don’t talk the dog

We proactively take responsibility for our actions. Always looking for solutions and making decisions with long-term effects, we work together to help each other and ensure positive results. Determined to make a difference, we implement our solutions diligently.

Our herd is our calling!

We promote an honest, trusting culture of cooperation. We are friendly to each other, look at situations from each other's perspectives and express our thoughts in an open, respectful way. Together, we create a safe and supportive environment where everyone is heard and respected.

A loyal pawtner for life!

We are convinced that loyalty and perseverance pay off compared to the easier but often less rewarding path of opportunism. We want to make an emotional connection to our work, represent our mission, and inspire others. Our mission is long-term.

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