Wellness Wednesday

Prevention that pays off twice: comprehensive health check for your animal and a 25€ voucher* for you!

Why Wellness Wednesday?

Early Detection and Health Monitoring

Preventive examinations help to identify health problems at an early stage and provide important comparative values.

Prevention of Health Problems

Regular health checks detect issues early and allow for targeted treatment before they become serious.

Exclusive bonus for you and your four-legged friend

Do your preventive checkup as part of Wellness Wednesday and receive a 25€ voucher for the filu product shop.

Wellness Wednesday includes these checkups


General Investigation

The general examination will discuss your animal's health history as well as any acute events and symptoms. It is an advantage here if you know your furry friend well in order to be able to provide accurate information.


Blood Count

Measures important parameters such as red and white blood cells and platelets in order to identify possible diseases such as anemia or infections at an early stage.


Serum chemistry

Checks the levels of various substances in the blood to identify problems such as diabetes, kidney or liver dysfunction.


Fecal examination

Detects the smallest components of parasites such as worms, which can infect both your animal and humans, and check the effectiveness of deworming. So be sure to bring a faecal sample with you for the examination, ideally from the day of your appointment.

Why pet parents and furry friends love us

Ronja H.
July 12, 2023

Great wonderful practice, super friendly staff, great vet who hasn't lost touch with the animal at all. Were there for an emergency on a Saturday evening and there was a special wait for us. Emphatic & competent — an absolute recommendation from the heart.

Marie R.
October 11, 2023

Starting with the easy parking facilities, you can look forward to very friendly and competent staff, as well as very clean and modern facilities. The long journey was worth it. humans and pets really feel at home here.

Philippe S.
October 31, 2023

I have been with filu with my dog Zeus since he was a puppy and can heartily recommend this veterinary practice. Everyone there is very nice and friendly with the animals, whether they are vets or nurses. By the way, the practice is super clean and ultra-modern. Unfortunately, my dog had to have fairly invasive surgery early on as a puppy and everything worked out wonderfully there! Absolute recommendation, always happy to come back here.

Charlie P.
November 27, 2023

I got an appointment for my dog at very short notice (as a new patient) because she wasn't feeling well at all. We were treated well and competently. In addition, this is the first vet where my dog was not afraid and even went to the treatment table of his own accord. We love staying patients here!

Vanessa W.
December 15, 2023

Thank you so much for the great experience. Online appointment scheduling is great. I was warmly welcomed and the rooms are beautiful and modern. The team treated my cat very well. I can recommend the practice:)

Melanie B.
November 29, 2023

Best vet practice! Everyone is incredibly sensitive and friendly! Great feel-good atmosphere! I would recommend this practice to everyone. You always get an appointment super quickly and there are virtually no waiting times. Thank you for your great work, both vets and the team!

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Hast du Fragen?


What is examined on Wellness Wednesday and why should I make such a preventive appointment regularly?

Four tests are carried out on Wellness Wednesday:

  • general examination,
  • blood count,
  • serum chemistry and
  • fecal examination.

These are important to monitor your pet's health, even if it appears healthy. Regular preventive examinations help to establish individual comparative values and to identify early signs of illness. Discreet results are valuable as they provide an early warning system and show that your animal is currently healthy.

How much does a Wellness Wednesday examination cost?

Four tests are carried out on Wellness Wednesday:
a general examination, a blood count, a serum chemistry and a fecal test.
The price for this is around 200€.
However, due to individual cases, price deviations are also possible here, for example when examining further blood values, further examinations (e.g. detailed dental examination), or because an additional vaccination is pending.

Which values are checked on Wellness Wednesday and why is that important?

  • In blood count Parameters such as the number of red blood cells (erythrocytes), white blood cells (leukocytes) and platelets (thrombocytes) are measured. The erythrocytes transport oxygen in the body, the leukocytes are part of the immune system and fight infections, and the platelets are important for blood clotting. Changes in values can indicate various diseases, including anemia, infectious diseases (e.g. tick-borne diseases), inflammation in the body, tumours, malnutrition or disorders in the water balance.
  • Serum chemistry measures the concentration of various substances in the blood. These include blood sugar levels and various kidney and liver values. Changes can indicate diabetes, impaired kidney or liver function, tumour diseases or impaired thyroid function, for example.
  • In the faecal test The smallest components of roundworms, hookworms and whipworms as well as the cucumber seed tapeworm are detected, regardless of egg excretion in just one faecal sample. These worms can also infect us humans and are unfortunately widespread. The test also helps to check whether the frequency of deworming your animal is sufficient. So be sure to bring a faecal sample with you for the examination, ideally from the day of your appointment.

When will I get the results of the blood test?

The tests are carried out in an external laboratory and are usually available within 1-3 working days. One of our veterinarians will then call you.

Why do we offer Wellness Wednesday?

We would like to draw your attention to how important regular preventive appointments are to ensure your pet's health in the long term. With regular check-ups, we can identify and treat health problems at an early stage. Our Wellness Wednesday is there to encourage you to proactively monitor your animals' health and ensure they receive the best possible care. With a thorough examination and a great voucher for our product shop, we hope to motivate you to take regular preventive appointments and do something good for you at the same time.

How and when can I book a Wellness Wednesday appointment?

You can book a preventive appointment at any time, for our special Wellness Wednesday, please make an appointment on a Wednesday. Simply select Wellness Wednesday online under “Book an appointment” and you're ready to go!
Of course, you can also make an appointment by phone.
Since Wellness Wednesday appointments are popular and quickly booked, we recommend that you book your appointment early.
Take the opportunity to give your pet a comprehensive preventive examination and at the same time secure a 25€ voucher for our great product shop.

Where can I get the voucher and how can I use it?

You will receive the voucher from our service team after the Wellness Wednesday examination. It can be redeemed both in practice at Theresienwiese and in Schwabing. There you can find products from Lila loves it, LucyBalu, Fred & Felia, Alma & Gustl, Pets Deli and many more.

Can I also use the wellness Wednesday benefits on another day?

Yes, it is possible. You can make your retirement appointment at any time. However, we only offer the special campaign to draw attention to the importance of preventive examinations on Wednesdays. The 25€ voucher is therefore currently only available on Wellness Wednesday.

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